Imagine that you are operating a supply chain. Suppose you can track how physical goods are moved between cities in your supply chain, but not track goods inside any one city. Your visibility into your supply chain would be incomplete. Furthermore, you could not simply assume that the goods inside a city are being handled properly.

Today’s knowledge work organizations have a similarly incomplete picture of their internal work processes. Business process management and workflow tools provide the ability to model how information flows between people to define and execute business processes. However, these tools do not have the ability to track the processes by which individual knowledge workers, who are responsible for most activities, use various information sources to accomplish their tasks. Without this ability, process improvement efforts are more prone to creating redundant wasteful processes, or worse – to designing cumbersome processes that are not accepted or followed by individual contributors.

TaskStudio helps knowledge workers to effectively manage their various projects, tasks, applications, documents, and data. With TaskStudio, knowledge workers can visually structure and model their work, navigate information at multiple levels, and get more productive even as project complexity rises.

Central to TaskStudio's functionality is ContextCapture, an innovative technology that creates a comprehensive record of work in real time as routine tasks are performed, and in the context of a particular project or task. As a project then evolves, TaskStudio automatically tracks and compiles associated activity data and then presents it visually.

- Microsoft Windows 2000, NT, XP, or Windows Server 2003
- Microsoft Office 97 or higher
- 8MB hard disk space